We believe planning for college and other educational needs is more than just saving

An innovative approach to college funding: The IUL

Grayson Financial will show clients how to utilize indexed universal life, IUL, as a tool for college funding. Tax-free growth, tax-free distribution, and principal protection are among the many benefits of this financial vehicle. Given that every parent’s financial situation is unique and each student is equally as diverse, Grayson Financial will provide you with the tools to exceed the expectations of both parties.

Tax-Free Growth

Life insurance tax codes allow your clients to grow money inside their policy completely tax-deferred when structured correctly. If the policy is designed using the correct internal revenue codes, they can contribute as much money as they wish with absolutely no contribution limits.

Tax-Free Distribution

The loans from the IUL policy’s cash value is classified as income-tax-free. Imagine your client attending their child’s graduation knowing that their tuition has been fully paid for without the burden of student loans.

Principal Protection

With an IUL policy, your client can participate in gains when the market goes up, to a limit, with no risk of market volatility. When the market goes down, your clients are protected against often devastating losses.

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