Russell Gill

Sr Financial Planner

Phone: 623 261 0009


Russell Gill is the newest addition to the Grayson Financial Services family. Although he is new to Grayson Financial, he has a long-standing relationship with Ricky and Carlene that goes back thirty years when Ricky and Russ served together in the United States Navy. These “shipmates” stayed in close contact, with similar passions, understanding the ins and outs of the financial markets, and following a parallel employment track of helping others realize their goals through higher education enrollment.

Combining his passion for the financial markets and education, Russ spent seven years working directly with clients to learn trading and investing strategies with the Online Trading Academy. Helping people understand the financial markets, using methods that were designed to better time the market and provide a higher return on investment was an exciting time. However, many clients struggled to make their returns and found themselves in a negative financial position, often impacting their retirement goals. This led to the realization that many of his clients had no real retirement strategy and were literally walking blind into their future with no plan.

After seven years in the investment education sector, Russ has decided to focus on retirement, long term security and family legacy, as well as wealth generation. This is the real need that Americans have, understanding how to develop successful retirement strategies that permit them to enjoy their retirement without a drop in lifestyle.

Russ is married to his bride of 33 years, Nikki, and they have five children and five grandchildren. When they aren’t visiting the kids and grandkids in four different states, they enjoy flying their Mooney from one national park to another, hiking and enjoying their time together.